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Tenure-track faculty
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Tenure-track faculty member——Cheng, Jiang
发布时间:2013-6-26 来源:本站原创  

程江 Cheng, Jiang

Ph.D. in Risk Management and Insurance, Temple University, 2008


Research Areas

Risk Management and Insurance; Corporate finance; Earnings Management


Academic Work Experience

Risk and Insurance Research Center         Research Fellow                              2012-Present

National Chengchi University

Networks Financial Institute                     Research Fellow                             2011-Present

Indiana State University

School of Management                                         Visiting Professor                2011.9-2012.2

National Taiwan University

Scott College of Business                         Visiting Scholar in Residence         2011.1-2011.8

Indiana State University

Department of Accounting                       Assistant Professor              2008-Present

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Ad Hoc Reviewer for The Journal of Risk and Insurance, Risk Management and Insurance Review, China Finance Review International



The Regulatory Effect of RBC in Property-Liability Insurance, with Mary A. Weiss, Geneva papers on Risk and Insurance 2013, vol. 38, 274-307.

The Role of RBC, Hurricane Exposure, Bond Portfolio Duration, and Macroeconomic and Industry-wide Factors in Property-Liability Insolvency Prediction, with Mary A. Weiss, The Journal of Risk and Insurance 2012, vol. 79(3), 723-750.

Capital Structure in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry: Tests of the Tradeoff and Pecking Order Theory, with Mary A. Weiss, The Journal of Insurance Issues 2012, vol. 35(1), 1-43.

Institutional Ownership Stability and Risk Taking: Evidence from the Life-Health Insurance Industry, with Elyas Elyasiani, and Jingyi Jia, The Journal of Risk and Insurance 2011, vol. 78(3), 609-641.

Market Reaction to Regulatory Action in the Insurance Industry: The Case of Contingent Commission, with Elyas Elyasiani and Tzuting Lin, The Journal of Risk and Insurance 2010, vol. 77(2), 347-368.

Can Independent Underwriters Benefit Insurers in High-Risk Lines? A Game-Theoretic Analysis, with Michael R. Powers, Assurances et gestion des risqués (Insurance and Risk Management), vol. 76(3), October 2008, 5-44


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