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The 4th Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions
发布时间:2014-10-8 来源:本站原创  

The 4th Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions


Saturday 18th October 2014




School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)




Shanghai Institute of International Finance Center





Location: Howard Johnson Caida Plaza, 188 Wudong Rd., Shanghai







8:00 – 8:20        Registration


8:20 – 8:25        Welcome by Professor Longbing XuResearch Bureau of SUFE


8:25 – 8:30        Introduction by Professor Neng Wang


8:30 – 11:30      Morning Session (Chair: Xuanjuan Chen)


8:30 – 9:20        “Bond Covenants and Institutional Blockholding


Xinde Zhang (SUFE) - Presenting

Simiao Zhou (SUFE)

Discussant: Xiaoyun Yu (Indiana University)


9:20 – 9:50         Refreshment Break and Photo Taking


9:50 - 10:40       “Why Are Bond Ratings Informative?


Yen Teik Lee (SUFE) - Presenting

Louis Ederington (University of Oklahoma) Jeremy Goh (Singapore Management University) Lisa Yang (University of Oklahoma)

Discussant: Yan Luo (Fudan University)


10:40 – 11:30     “Optimal Equity Auctions with Heterogeneous Bidders


Tingjun Liu (CKGSB) - Presenting

Discussant: Tak-Yuen Wong (SUFE)


11:30 - 13:30      Lunch


12:00 – 13:20     Keynote Speech: “Asymmetric Information and the Pecking




Paolo Fulghieri (University of North Carolina) Editor, Review of Financial Studies 2006-2010

Executive Editor, Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2010- present


13:30 - 16:20      Afternoon Session (Chair: Neng Wang)


13:30 - 14:20      “Cultural Proximity and the Processing of Financial




Du Qianqian (Shanghai Jiaotong University) - Presenting Frank Yu (China Europe International Business School) Xiaoyun Yu (Indiana University)

Discussant: Lei Sun (SUFE)


14:20 – 14:40     Refreshment Break


14:40 - 15:30     “Inside Debt Compensation, Endogenous Bankruptcy and


Capital Structure


Dan Luo (SUFE) - Presenting

Zhentao Zou (SUFE)

Discussant: Tingjun Liu (CKGSB)


15:30 – 16:20    “Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Subprime Risk


Taking of Financial Institutions


Xuanjuan Chen (SUFE) - Presenting Eric Higgins (Kansas State University) Hong Zou (University of Hong Kong)

Discussant: Discussant: Zhongda He(Central University of Finance and Economics)

Download: Registration Form

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