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Tenure-track faculty
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Tenure-track faculty member——Li, Shaojin
发布时间:2011-1-21 来源:金融学院  


Dr. Shaojin Li (李韶瑾) is Assistant Professor of Finance at School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She graduated from Department of Economics at the University of Texas at Austin with PHD degree in August 2009. Dr. Lis research interests include Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing and International Finance. Her current research focuses on the role of asymmetric information in the capital market on the fluctuations of investment, capital reallocation and total factor productivity. She is interested in understanding the impact of micro-level frictions on both aggregate fluctuations and asset pricing implications, in a way which is consistent with both micro and macro level data facts. She is also interested in studying firm dynamics and innovation.


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