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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance



Deng Xin, PhD , CFA, Associate Professor

Course Objective

■ Provide undergraduate students with a broad understanding of all the important financial principles, concepts, and analytical tools.

- Analysis of financial statements, the time value of money, risk and return, corporate financing choices, and investment analysis.

■ A key fundamental course in finance

- Advanced Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, International Financial Management, Investments, Equity Securities, Fixed Income Securities, and Derivatives Securities.

Course Assessment

Components Marks Individual/Group
Quiz 10 Individual
Homework 20 Group
Class participation 10 Individual
Final Examination* 60 Individual
Total 100

● Assessment Plan

Course Learning Objective Assessment Method
Acquisition of knowledge:
Students should demonstrate knowledge and application ability of core curriculum.
Quiz and exam that covers various topics in the core curriculum.Metric:
marks scored in the quiz and exam.
Problem solving & decision making:
Students should develop abilities to identify, analyze, and solve financial problems.
Students solve tutorial problems and make presentations to the class.Metric:
marks scored in the home work and class participation.


● Main textbook

- Berk and Demarzo, Corporate Finance

● References

- Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe, Corporate Finance

- Grintblatt and Titman, Financial Markets & Corprorate Strategy

Course Schedule

Lecture Topics Compulsory Readings
1 Introduction to Corporate Finance C1
2 Accounting: Financial Statements and Financial Models C2 and C3
3 Time Value of Money and Investment Rules C4 and C5
4 Making Capital Investment Decisions and Risk Analysis C6 and C7
5 Bond Valuation C8
6 Stock Valuation C9
7 Risk and Return C10
8 The Cost of Capital C13
9 EMH and Long-Term Financing C14 and C15
10 C9apital Structure C16
11 Tax, Financial Distress, Signaling C17
12 Valuation for the Levered Firm C18
13 Payout Policies C19
14 Course Wrap Up

Faculty team

邓 辛
刘 莹
马 晗